FIQWS Research Paper Assignment

The formal assignments in this course will walk you through the steps that many scholars take before submitting a manuscript for publication. Each formal assignment will represent a different step that scholars usually take. By learning these steps, I hope that you’ll learn a process to read, research, and write that will help you produce thoughtful papers for other classes.

Since I hope that the writing skills you learn in this class will transfer outside of it, the formal assignments are designed to mimic real world genres that scholars use. Therefore in the following assignments, I’ll ask you to pretend that you are a scholar interested in Iranian cinema, gender, and politics looking to produce public facing work in your field.

I hope these steps will help you produce a research paper that you are proud of (and that you might even consider submitting to an undergraduate journal).

Each individual formal assignment is listed on its own page in the dropdown menu under the “Assignments” menu.