Portfolio and Final Reflection (Required for D or Higher)

Portfolio and Final Reflection
Required for Grades of D and Higher

Context: You have finally completed your research assignment! You started with a research problem and began answering it in a conference paper. You incorporated feedback and researched models of published articles to deepen your answer in a journal manuscript. And you used peer review to finish the manuscript in a final draft you can be proud of.

Even if you didn’t publish your work in an undergraduate journal, we don’t want all that hard work to go to waste. Therefore, you’re going to house your writing in an online portfolio that will follow you throughout your time at City College.

The portfolio will exist as a wordpress website that contains your writing. Not only will you be able to look back on your own writing and see how you’ve grown, but also your future teachers will be able to see it so that they can fine-tune their instruction for you. Having a portfolio is a requirement of the CCNY writing program and will benefit your writing instruction.

Purpose: The purpose of the portfolio is to preserve your writing and store it in one place as you move through CCNY so that future teachers have more information to help you grow.

The portfolio will also give you some basic experience with wordpress, which is a marketable skill in many jobs.

In addition to building the website and housing your writing, you will also write one final reflection looking back on your writing and explaining how you have grown as a writer. The purpose of this assignment is to help you synthesize what you’ve learned and look forward to how you can apply it and how you can keep growing.

Advice: I hope to find time in class to go over the basics of creating the wordpress website.

For the reflection, you should focus on what you have learned about writing over the semester. The reflection will serve as the introduction to your portfolio, so future teachers can see what you already know.

Task: Build a wordpress website to house your writing from the semester. Write a 500 word introduction explaining what you have learned over the semester as an introduction to the portfolio.

Length: 500 word intro plus organized portfolio
Format: wordpress website
Due: Dec 17