Publication Research (Required for an A)

Publication Research
Required for an A

Context: You presented at your conference and received positive feedback. You received some advice on how to improve the paper, and many of the audience members encouraged you to publish your work in an academic journal so other people can read your ideas about Iranian cinema. Congratulations!

Different journals, however, tend to publish different kinds of articles, so now you must find an academic journal that would be a good fit for your article. You’ll need to read some undergraduate academic journals to learn which is right for you and produce with a 500 word plan to write your article for your chosen journal.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to different undergraduate academic journals, give you practice analyzing published articles, improve your knowledge of genres, and help shape your final paper based on published models.

Advice: Unlike the other assignments in this sequence, this assignment does not fit a recognizable public facing genre. Scholars don’t formally write down their plan to turn a conference paper into a journal article. Most scholars, however, have some plan.

  • You can find undergraduate journals to submit to here.
  • When researching potential journals for you article, think about the “rhetorical triangle” (the author, the audience, and the message).
  • Think about citations and structure

Task: Your task is to research at least 3 undergraduate journals and pick one that would best house your paper. Then produce a 500 word plan explaining which journal you choose and how you can shape your eventual journal article to fit the conventions of your chosen journal.

Length: 500 words
Format: word or google docs
Due: October 29