Sample Contract

Student’s name: Michael Druffel
Grade contracted for: B
Work required for the grade:
Pass / Fail
Three or fewer unexcused absences
Four blog posts
Conference proposal
Conference paper
Journal manuscript & Cover Letter
Peer Review
Final Draft
Portfolio and final reflection

Student’s promise: I understand that I need to complete all the work above to earn my contract. If I do not complete all the work required, I will receive a lower grade than I have contracted for. That lower grade will be the highest grade of the work that I’ve completed in its entirety. I will not earn a grade for any contract that I have only partially completed.
I understand that my work must meet the following standards to be accepted:
• It must be on time
• It must be my own, original work
• It must meet the minimum word count
• It must follow to the assigned prompt
• It must attempt to apply our lessons in class
• It must take into account previous feedback
I understand that if my work violates even one of these requirements it will not be accepted.
Student’s signature: Michael Druffel
Teacher’s signature: Michael Druffel