Final Draft (Required for D or Higher)

Final Draft
Required for Grades of D and Higher

Context: Congratulations! Your paper has been accepted at your chosen journal! You have received the readers’ reports and the journal wants you to make some final changes before submitting the final draft. Your hard work has paid off.

Purpose: This is the final step in a professional process. It gives you an idea of the work that goes into producing a great paper. It also gives you a chance to address peer feedback and thus improve your writing.

Advice: If you were actually submitting to a journal, the editor would likely expect you to address your peer’s feedback. You have more freedom here. You do not necessarily have to accept all your peers’ suggestions, but you should be prepared to explain to me why you choose to accept or reject advice.

Task: Update your paper with input from your peers. Consider their suggestions, but remember you are the final author.

Length: NA
Format: word or google doc
Due: XXX